Sometimes a second chance is pointless….

A Nine Pound Hammer....or a woman like you, either one of these will do

Sometimes the only thing people see is what you did when in fact they should be looking at why you did it.

Having no reason to stay is always a good reason to close the door. You can keep them in your heart, but keep them out of your life.

Be sure to value the people who respect and love you.

And keep the Door is Opensign for those who do.

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About jeb610

Taking one day at a time, and enjoying life in the heart of Dixie. People create their own questions because they are afraid to look straight. All you have to do is look straight and see the road, and when you see it, don’t sit looking at it – walk. There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.
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